Project overview

From research to innovation

Social Mobile Media to educate, connect & empower Frontline Health Workers

   A Swiss National Science Foundation (r4d) project in collaboration with the Universities of Ibadan, Zambia and Western Cape

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Mobile Knowledge Management at the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

    A Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation project to design and evaluate a mobile knowledge management system for SBB’s rolling stock maintenance activities. In cooperation with SBB and Zurich University of Applied Sciences.



Community Development using digital media

Developing video-based knowledge management solutions for the installation and maintenance of drinking water systems in rural Nepal -with RIDS Nepal and Switzerland.


Sharing Knowledge for Action

Using Web 2.0 to strengthen the North-South Network of Agriculture and Food Security. Backstopping mandate for Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation


UNESCO report: A lifeline to learning: Leveraging mobile technology for refugees

Understanding the potential of technology to support learning and teaching for refugees.



The role of mobile social media in education & learning

A Swiss National Science Foundation mobility-project with community health workers in Malawi in cooperation with the Columbia University New York and the UCL Institute of Education, London. Oct 2014-April 2016. 

Piloting the implementation of mobile technology into schools in rural Zimbabwe

An applied research project. In co-operation with Mpumelelo High School





Improving the Education of Health Workers in disadvantaged areas of South Africa with Social and Mobile Media

A KFH/DC project with the School of Nursing and Public Health, University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Analysis and piloting of  Personalized Working- and Learning-Environments

(Learning Infrastructure). Information scientifique: accès, traitement et sauvegarde. In co-operation with SUPSI(IFeL) and Universities of Geneva, Bern, Basel and Fribourg.



Social media in teaching and learning scenarios in higher education


 Research project and strategic initiative of FHNW (Membership in Sounding Board). Consortium: Schools of Business, Applied Psychology and for Teacher Education.

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Harnessing mobiles to address intercultural communication problems in health care

A project from the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme. Partners: IOE, London Metropolitan University, Linnaeus University and Volkshochschule Augsburg.

MobileMed: designing and researching a mobile, work-based collaboration and learning system in the clinical context

Project partners: University Hospital Basel, University Basel, FHNW, AMTS, Agfa Healthcare.